Why DIY?

Because you want a cost-effective way to grow your business without having to rely solely on outside help from agencies or consultants

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Reason #1

You were spending too much for marketing services with another agency and receiving very little in return. You want (and expect) more for your money.

You were excited after those early agency meetings, hopeful their marketing efforts would help your business grow.

However, you are unsure how much the marketing campaign benefitted your business, if at all. You have little interaction, and you don’t fully understand the reports from the agency.

Imagine yourself taking control over your marketing decisions, saving money and seeing greater returns on investment. That’s why DIY Marketing exists, to be your “Chief Marketing Officer for hire.”

Reason #2

You want steady, sustainable growth achieved in a cost-effective, results-oriented manner.

With DIY Marketing, you are always in control of your marketing decisions (and budget). When you need help from your consultants, we’ll be your “guide on the side.”

With our model, you can direct us to do the work neceesary to accomplish your specific marketing goals, or we can train your staff to do the work.  Or both.

Consider DIY Marketing an extension of your team. Utilize our training program to get your team up to speed quickly or our consulting services on an as-needed basis to improve your bottom line.

Reason #3

You have talent who, with the right kind of training, can oversee or even execute your company’s marketing efforts.

A typical marketing agency does all of the work for you and your team. They think they know exactly what you need and often will execute without any input from you and your experienced, dedicated staff.

Our model is to work hand-in-hand with you and your staff on the marketing plan that’s right for your business.  Then, we train your staff in the fundamentals of marketing, understanding reports, measuring success, and analyzing return on investment. 

With the completion of our program, you’ll have a marketing plan, training in the fundamentals of marketing, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities to make the right decisions for your business.  Plus, you’ll have access to our on-demand network of trusted resources for when you’re busy and you need to hire outside help!

The DIY Way

Our process involves four steps: Plan, Do, Check, and Act. We’ll help you plan your campaign. We’ll teach you how to run it. And, we’ll show you how to measure your campaign’s success.

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