"Do-it-yourself" Training Resources

Whether you’re a solopreneur or small business owner, you should learn everything you can about marketing so you can DIY it in the early stages of your business.  Why?  Because the more you know about marketing, the better equipped you’ll be later when you want to hire an employee or an agency to tackle your marketing efforts. We have recommended resources you can use to learn marketing tactics you can use to get the word out about your business for everything noted below. Contact us and we’ll send you a list of programs to consider.

Marketing Plan

Do you sell products or services? Then you need a marketing plan to help you define who your target customers are, where to find those customers, and how to get more of those customers. Every good marketing plan starts with a marketing plan.

Marketing Plan Analysis

Is your marketing plan effective? To be sure it is, adopt a data-driven approach to ensure your marketing plan is performing as it should be. Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you assess the effectiveness of your efforts.

Website Design

Are you missing out on new business? Your website is your online billboard, advertising your products or services. It has to catch attention. It has to be easy to find. It has to be easy to navigate. If it isn't, you're missing out. Learn how to improve your website.

Print Media

Do you know how print media can help? Print media can be an effective marketing tool. Think business cards, sales brochures, and mailers. Every business should have business cards and a sales brochure. Learn what it takes to create a great sales brochure.


What does your branding say about you? Your branding, graphic design, colors, and style all need to bolster your mission and message. If you've started a new business, acquired a company, gone through a merger, or changed the name of your business, take a fresh look at your branding through the eyes of an expert.


How compelling is your story? Think of your favorite movie – it immediately jumps to mind. That's the power of video. Compelling video tells your story in a memorable and engaging way. You can learn how to turn your story into a video (using a smartphone) that's compelling to potential customers.


Have you ever listened to a podcast? Podcasts are a powerful way to reach people, and for the right businesses, it can be the perfect way to position you as an expert. If you want to start your own podcast, learn what it takes to produce a podcast and also what is required to make podcasting as an effective marketing tactic.

Social Media

How influential is social media? Very. Social media remains a valuable asset in promoting your business, establishing you and your company as an authority, building relationships, and garnering trust. Nearly every business benefits from having at least one social media channel.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be one of the most effective advertising tactics because Facebook gives advertisers the ability to target potential customers using age, location, gender, and more. With this kind of targeting, you can hone in on your target customer who is most likely purchase your products and services.

Google Ads

Paid search, also known as PPC or pay-per click advertising, is a method you can use to advertise your business on search engines and social media channels. If you try Google Ads, you need to know how to set it up for success and secure a solid return on your investment.